Risk Assessment/Accident prevention

When a accident occurs, it can be devastating. Creative tree service can stop the accident before it happens. By removing dead, dying, diseased, or oversized limbs from the tree. It becomes less likely to snap or break in a thunder storm, tornado or strait line winds. Cabling a tree is another way a we can prevent the risk; cabling is when an arborist straps 2-3 leads of the tree together, so it doesn't split.

Air pruning your trees can also prevent an accident. Air pruning is when an arborist removes limbs which allows air/wind to pass through the tree rather then knocking it over. In the event of a high wind storm, air pruning might just save your property and your life.
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Bradford Pear Accident prevention/Risk Assessment

Bradford Pears (below) need to be trimmed regularly every 3-5 years to prevent from snapping. Bradford Pears grow extremely fast and limbs can become heavier then the tree itself can support. (as seen in the image below)

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